Previous Work

Nicole writes about a variety of subjects in a variety of capacities. From on the ground reporting to pop culture analysis and reporting, she has a flexible set of skills that can be observed in her work below. Additional clippings can be made available upon request.

Pop culture and news analysis

The Real Meaning of the Please Come to Brazil Meme for Gizmodo
The Big Queer Energy of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, 10 Years Later for Harper’s Bazaar
BoJack and #MeToo for Post45
Only Here to Sin: Lil Nas X Continues a Tradition of Queer Blasphemy for Bitch Media
The Pandemic Housework Dilemma Is Whitewashed for ZORA Magazine
The Triumphant Queer Legacy of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ for ZORA Magazine
‘Bring It On’ Is More Than a Cheerleading Movie for ZORA Magazine
“I May Destroy You” Takes on the Messy Realities of Rape for Bitch Media
Whatever His Kink, Armie Hammer Is an Abuser for Bitch Media
Shia LaBeouf’s Abuse Confession Can’t Absolve Him for Bitch Media
The Sarah Everard Case Proves That More Cops Won’t Make Women Safer for Bitch Media
Queer Representation in Congress Won’t Save Us for Bitch Media
Episodes Compound: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Weaponizing Her Trauma for Bitch Media
The Burning of the Amazon Rainforest Is Directly Related to Patriarchy for ZORA Magazine
The Hygiene Culture Wars That Started on Social Media for ZORA Magazine
Let’s Celebrate Representation Without Putting Politicians on a Pedestal for ZORA Magazine

Reported Features

What Happens When #MeToo Memoirs Hit the Market? for Harper’s Bazaar US
Should Abuse Survivors Simply Disappear From the Internet? for The Verge
When WhatsApp Went Down, Brazilian Workers’ Jobs Went With It for The Verge
After more than two years of Bolsonaro, queer Brazilian artists and entertainers feel like they’re losing ground for Xtra Magazine
The #SilhouetteChallenge’s hijacking exposed how women of color are targeted for exploring sexuality for PRISM Reports
Your work life won’t get better until you start considering these questions, these authors say for The Washington Post’s The Lily
Archival Instagram Accounts Are Teaching Forgotten Histories for ZORA Magazine
At 90, Dolores Huerta Is Not Done Inspiring Labor Activists for ZORA Magazine
‘The World Aflame’ Uses Color to Make Us See History’s Darker Moments for GEN Magazine
‘Electric Zine Maker’ Thrives as a Creative Open Source DIY Tool for The New York Observer
Archival Instagram Accounts Are Teaching Forgotten Histories for ZORA Magazine
LGBTQ+ Organizations Brace for SCOTUS Setbacks for ZORA Magazine
The Student Loan Crisis Is a Racial Inequality Issue for ZORA Magazine
What Happens to People of Color After Weed Is Legal? for ZORA Magazine
Community Organizers Address Sexual Violence Without the Criminal Justice System for Shadowproof
In Building Global Solidarity, Abolitionists Look For Links Between Struggles for Shadowproof
Fighting the Housing Crisis During Covid-19 for ZORA Magazine

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